My Writing Journal: The Gift of Reflection

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Vera John-Steiner in her book, Notebooks of the Mind, talks about the importance of writing in a journal as a way to “pause and make meaning from the bits of our lives.”

I too use my writing journal as a place to write about the small things, the small moments, the small insights that when fully digested actually become the big lessons. My journal gives me a place to reflect on all of those every day happenings that I would otherwise ignore. Writing about them allows me to take an impression, hold it in my hand, be with it, examine it and think about it. And when I’m done writing about it, I truly own it. I’ve made it mine. It is a part of me and I am often a better, more grateful person because of it.

And here is the good news about journal writing for me as a writer.

Ultimately, writing about those small moments, exploring those feelings, taking the time to immerse myself in descriptive details makes me a better writer. It takes me deeper into my own life, helps me get better at articulating feelings, encourages me to interact more deeply with the world around me, and to notice even the smallest detail. And aren’t those the exact skills that a writer calls on to make their writing come alive?

Of course. The answer is yes. Definitely. Yes.


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