The Thrill of Real Life Research

Research is creating new knowledge. –Neil Armstrong             I haven’t written a blog post for a while. It’s not because I haven’t had anything to say. I always have something to say—just ask my family! The reason I’ve been away is that I’ve been lucky enough to immerse myself in the research for and writing […]

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Last Day Blues

As a teacher I loved the last day of school.  Obviously, I was looking forward to a summer of no more (school) reading, no more (school) books, no more student’s dirty looks.  But it also provided the perfect time to look back and reflect on the year, to really think about and examine the successes, […]

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Getting Started

“There’s a difference between a work’s beginning and starting to work.” –Twyla Tharp.   In her book, The Creative Habit: Get It and Use It for Life, the acclaimed dancer and choreographer shares the habits and mental approaches she uses to infuse creativity into her own life. For many of us, getting started on any […]

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Writers Read

  “I believe reading is the key to writing.  The more you read, the better your writing can be.”    –Avi. Writers read, that’s all there is to it.  You can’t sugar coat it, downplay it, or make it sound any different than it is. Writers read. In fact, the truth is that writers read […]

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So What?

When I start a new story or essay, I don’t necessarily know what the theme or focus of my story is.  I’m just responding to an idea and trying to develop it into a finished piece of writing. However, once I’m done with a first draft, the next thing I do is ask myself, “So […]

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Energy Begets Energy

Energy begets energy.  –Dolly Parton   All I can say is, Dolly sure knew what she was talking about! I don’t know about you, but there are days, when I spend much more time avoiding writing than actually writing.  I want to write, maybe even need to write, but somehow can’t seem to get myself […]

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The Road to Inspiration

Sometimes writing is a lonely business.   Every day you and only you are faced with the decision to put your butt in the chair and get to work.  Therefore, one of your biggest assets as a writer is the ability to stay motivated, no matter how bad your writing project is going, no matter […]

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Getting Unstuck…One Solution

Getting stuck.  Here is what it looks like for me.  I have a great idea.  I get started.  My pen flies over the page.  My fingers fly over the keys.  Words pour out of me like rain.  I’m in the flow. And then, inevitably, eventually, somewhere along the line, i get stuck. The problem might […]

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I Love Revision!

I love to revise! No. Really. I do. For me, the knowledge that I can start with an okay story and gradually make it better,

and better,

and then better still…

….well, it’s a very freeing notion.

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