Author Visits

Virtual Presentations:

Reading to Sierra Elementary School students.

From Idea to Book: grades 3-8, 50 minutes  Best with one or two classrooms. Students asked to bring writing journal to the presentation.  Specific content and length varies with grade level.

In this interactive visit I share the process I go through to get and develop story ideas, giving them time to try the same thinking out on their own.  I also show them how I write my first draft and finally, what kinds of techniques I use to revise.  All of the strategies shared are kid-friendly and student-tested from my days as a writing teacher in both elementary and middle school.  By the end of the presentation students should have an idea ready to go for the first draft as well as a few concrete strategies to help them revise that draft when written..

Author Visit Presentation for Primary Students: grades 1-2, 30 minutes

An interactive, funny presentation where I go over my writing process, ending with an introduction to John Muir and a reading of my book, John Muir Wrestles a Waterfall.

Virtual Writing Workshops for Students: (grades 3-8, One or two classes at a time.)

I will tailor workshops to fit your school’s needs.  I’ve taken 8th graders through the different steps of revision on a piece they have already written, worked with 2nd graders on creating showing details, and given 5th graders strategies to generate and then develop an idea.

Feel free to email me with questions about the presentations and also for fees.