Picture Day Jitters Book By Julie Danneberg

Introducing the newest book in the Jitters series

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About Picture Day Jitters

The class photo is scheduled for the end of the day—can everyone’s favorite teacher, Sarah Jane Hartwell, keep them looking neat and tidy? She has the jitters again! Mrs. Hartwell is determined to keep her students looking perfect for their school pictures. This means no chalk at recess, no experiments during science, and eating lunch in the classroom instead of the cafeteria. Bo-ring! By the end of the day, the students look their best, but their smiles are missing. Mrs. Hartwell lets them cut loose after their individual photos are taken, forgetting that the class photo is still to come!


This latest series installment is as much about Mrs. Hartwell as it is about her students, reminding readers that all classrooms have their own symbiosis. Educators will find this book all too relatable, while children will laugh at the fun Mrs. Hartwell’s class has together. Love’s watercolor illustrations are marvelously detailed and look almost like photographs themselves. —Kirkus Reviews

“Mrs. Hartwell and her students return with another school day episode, picture day. Everyone is dressed and ready for getting their school picture taken; however, the class is last one on the photo schedule. Translation: a long day for the class to stay picture-perfect. Although Mrs. Hartwell plans on have a neat and clean day by taking preventative measures, unintended incidents occur during the seemingly, extra long day. Mrs. Hartwell is busy fixing the situations as mishaps occur. The illustrations add humor to the story. The facial expressions in response to the messy, unintended incidents and the kindness of Mrs. Hartwell as she fixes the situation are captured. The story has an endearing ending that will also bring a chuckle or two. Teachers may want to share this story with their students before picture day at school. Readers may want to look for other books in The Jitters series which are about Mrs. Hartwell and her class and the amusing things that occur during different school events during the school year.” —Children’s Literature: A CLCD Company


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