Art Project inspired by PICTURE DAY JITTERS

This is a classroom or a home activity for any age student.

The point of yearly school picture is to capture each student as they look at a particular moment in time.  It’s fun for them to look back at old school pictures and remember what they looked like, how they dressed and even how they’ve changed. But wouldn’t it be great if they could capture more than just their looks? When they look back at those school pictures, will they remember their best friend, or their teacher, or what they did at recess? Here is a project students of all ages can do at home with their family, or at school with their class, to make that picture a little more complete.


Attach a copy of your individual picture in the middle of a piece of paper.  Surround it with photos you’ve taken or pictures you’ve drawn that show other important parts of your life. Make sure that you label with names or explanations. Here are some possible ideas:

  • Best friend
  • Best school subject
  • Playground first choice activity
  • Favorite school lunch
  • Desk: clean or dirty?
  • Book you are reading right now.
  • What gives you the jitters at school?

When you are done keep it in a safe place and do the same with next year’s school picture, and the next year and the next!

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