Women Icons of the West

About Women Icons of the West

Step back in time and experience the spirit of the West through the eyes of five courageous women: Newly freed slave Clara Brown, Native American writer Sarah Winnemucca, miner and business owner Nellie Cashman, adventurous traveler Isabella Bird and rags to riches Margaret Brown.  These women have much to teach us about perseverance, surviving hardship and living courageously.

The short biographies in this book bring a variety of  under-represented western experiences to our awareness.  To understand the West we need to hear the voices of all its citizens- men and women, rich and poor,  all cultures, all ages, and all religions.  Women Icons of the West allows these women’s voices to be heard, along with the thoughts of the people who knew them.

The text of this book is written in a unique style. Switching back and forth from first and third person, it allows the reader to see the West through the eyes of each woman and each woman through the eyes of the West.  Although the dialogue is invented, all of the dates, places and event are factual.  Sidebars give additional factual information and a bibliography is included in the back.

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