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About The Science of Weather and Climate: Rain, Sleet, and the Rising Tide

In The Science of Weather and Climate: Rain, Sleet, and the Rising Tide, middle schoolers learn the science behind the weather we experience every day while examining the changing climate conditions across the entire planet.

Science-minded STEM activities encourage readers to think like scientists while critical thinking exercises, essential questions, fascinating facts, links to online resources, and more encourage readers to explore this incredible planet through the weather that impacts our daily lives.

By studying the atmospheric sciences of meteorology and climatology kids learn to connect the weather they experience on a daily basis in their own town with the changing conditions across the entire planet.


From School Library Journal

Gr 6–9—Weather patterns, extreme weather, weather prediction, and climate are all presented for student research and general interest in this wonderfully written book. Each chapter focuses on the atmospheric science of meteorology and climatology behind each topic, such as air pressure’s effect on temperature and rainfall. A short comic introduces each chapter, and contains informative sidebars and QR codes that link to further research online. Questions and exercises that encourage students to think further about the topic and learn through hands-on activities conclude each chapter. The book relays information in a straightforward manner, avoiding editorial histrionics. Almost every page contains color photos or illustrations that support the text nicely. A table of contents, time line, index, thorough glossary, metric conversion table, and a list of further resources are included. Students will enjoy using the QR codes to connect to online resources, though the codes may become outdated when websites are updated. Teachers will find the online offerings to be a great extension of their science lessons, and students will find them useful for report writing. VERDICT Thorough and accessible content work together to form a great resource for student research and curriculum development.—Katherine Rao, Palos Verdes Library District, CA

Skipping Stones Magazine April-June 2020

Yet another educational and informative book in the Inquire and Investigate series, this volume is of special mention because its subject matter impacts us every day. We learn the science behind why it snows, winds, rains, storms, and more. A great introduction to meteorology and climatology.

Young readers can try these hands-on science projects:

  • Build a barometer and an anemometer
  • Study the effects of melting glaciers
  • Track weather patterns on maps

For more teacher resources including free activity from the book:

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