About the Science of Fashion

What kind of sneakers are you wearing right now? What material is your shirt made out of? And how did all of these clothes and accessories get made and arrive at a store for you to try on and buy?

In The Science of Fashion, learn how science, technology, and engineering make the entire fashion industry possible! Most people tend to think of fashion designers and scientists as occupying two different worlds, but the truth is, the fashion business is completely dependent on and intertwined with science and engineering. The computer technology used in fashion design, the science behind dyes and special treatments such as waterproofing, and the engineering innovations in manufacturing of fast fashion are just a few of the ways the fashion world and the science and engineering world meet.

Hands-on engineering projects, links to online resources, career connections, and essential questions get kids engaged with the science of what they wear!


“One of the best ways to get kids excited about STEM is to show them how every aspect of daily life is intrinsically connected to science and technology. The reliable inquire and investigate series takes on this task by offering titles brimming with information.” –Booklist Series Nonfiction Showcase

Teacher Resources:

Use the link below to check out the available resources including a Classroom Guides, free printables, and a downloadable activity from the book that helps kids notice the STEM in their closet. The Science of Fashion – Nomad Press

Check out my blog post, “Teaching the Reading Process.” At the bottom of the post, you will find three instructional videos for teaching Before, During and After Reading Strategies. I use pages from the book to demonstrate each strategy. Teaching the Reading Process (with videos) – Julie Danneberg

A Lesson Plan teaching about the dangers of Fast Fashion and also tips for trying out Visual Notetaking LitLinks: Surprise! Fast fashion is a top 2 polluter (

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