About Big Test Jitters

Uh-oh!  It’s that time again! In her efforts to make sure every student is prepared to show what they know, Mrs. Hartwell goes a little overboard with test prep lessons.The upshot is lots of anxiety, stress and even a few visits to the school nurse.  Finally, Mrs. Hartwell realizes that she has to teach the most valuable test-taking skill of all: learning to relax!


“Mrs. Hartwell is back in a gentle satire on teaching to the test….Danneberg’s tongue in cheek humor is definitely in evidence as she describes the rigors of getting ready for a standardized test and the maladies that arise in anxiety-ridden students…. Once they stop laughing at the spot-on depiction of standardized testing, teachers should take a page from Mrs.Hartwell’s book.”- Kirkus

“Standardized testing is an accepted reality in most public schools; this portrayal effectively reassures students that anxiety and challenges are normal and common, and can be overcome.” -Booklist

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